Current Stage Q1/2024 Alpha/BETA

Transition from Alpha to Beta:

The current Early Alpha version serves as a large-scale test and preparation period, allowing early access NFT holders to begin earning and exploring the Devomon world. With only limited batches of content being released up to the Beta, we're focused on refining the game's mechanics, ensuring stability, and integrating community feedback into our development process.

By moving from the Alpha to the Beta, our aim is to transition Devomon Callisto from a promising prototype into the main game—a comprehensive, engaging, and dynamic blockchain gaming experience that stands at the forefront of anime-inspired gaming. Our global marketing strategy will coincide with the Beta launch, inviting players from all corners of the globe to join us in shaping the future of Devomon Callisto.

Beta: Main Game and Global Marketing Strategy

The Beta phase of Devomon Callisto will unveil the full potential of the game, with the introduction of its core gameplay mechanics and extensive global marketing efforts to bring our unique vision to a worldwide audience. At the heart of the main game lies the Multiplayer Rank Mode, which is designed to be the centerpiece of the Devomon experience, challenging players to climb from Rank F to S through skill, strategy, and perseverance.

Key Features of the Beta:

Multiplayer Rank Mode: Compete against players globally in real-time battles, proving your mastery and climbing the ranks in the Devomon universe.

Diverse Dungeons: A strong focus on varied dungeons with themes ranging from deserts and underground caverns to icy landscapes, each presenting unique challenges and rewards.

Wave Mode: Test your limits by facing waves of enemies, demanding strategic gameplay and resilience.

Guilds: Join forces with other players, form guilds, and partake in community-driven events and challenges.

And Much More: The Beta will introduce an expanded world filled with new adventures, characters, and features that will continually evolve based on player feedback and community involvement.

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