Devomon Callisto aims to deeply integrate Esports into its gaming experience, with the goal of building a vibrant and competitive community. The game features a Ranked Mode for real-time battles and PVE dungeon modes, perfectly suited for Esports.

Tournaments and Competitions

  • In-Game Competitive Matches: Players can showcase their skills in intense competitions.

  • Smaller Tournaments: Broadcasted live on streaming platforms to reach a wide audience.

  • Regional Tournaments: Strengthen local communities and promote regional talents.

  • Professional Tournaments: The highest level of play featuring the world's best players.

Fans and Spectators Fans have the opportunity to support their favorite players and teams by tipping or purchasing NFT props of their favorites, enabling interactive connections with clubs or players.

Esports to Own Devomon Callisto aspires to be the first project where participants can acquire assets simply by watching tournaments and competitions. Tournaments are given significant importance to encourage global participation and interaction.

With this comprehensive approach, Devomon Callisto combines the thrill of competition with the world of blockchain gaming to create a unique Esports experience.

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