The Devomon ecosystem leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure a secure, efficient, and user-friendly gaming experience. Central to this approach is the integration of blockchain technology, enhancing transparency, security, and interoperability across various game aspects.

Blockchain and Tokens

  • EVO on the BNB Chain: The EVO-Token operates on the BNB Chain, renowned for its efficiency, security, and low transaction costs, ensuring a smooth experience for our users.

  • $MON-Token: The $MON-Token, our dedicated earning token, is designed to foster rewards and game interactions within the Devomon ecosystem. It supports a unique reward system and incentivizes active player engagement.

Technology Partners

  • Immutable: As our exclusive partner for NFT transactions, we utilize Immutable to offer a seamless, secure, and fee-free trading experience. Immutable aids in scaling our project by facilitating asset exchange without the high gas fees associated with the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Beam by Merit Circle: For the distribution of token rewards, we employ Beam, a platform that ensures efficient and transparent allocation of game rewards. Beam guarantees that players are fairly compensated for their in-game achievements.

Technological Foundation

  • Unreal Engine: Devomon Callisto is developed using Unreal Engine, enabling us to deliver stunning visual experiences and high performance crucial for an immersive experience in our anime world.

  • DID Solution: To allow seamless use and transfer of platform tokens and NFT assets across different games and platforms, we implement a comprehensive DID solution, supporting interoperability within the Devomon ecosystem.

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