Structure of EvoVerse

  • Categories: Based on size, location, and building permits, there will be four different categories of plots, each with its own price range. This structure allows players with various budgets and visions to find and shape their place in EvoVerse.

  • Principles: EvoVerse is committed to creating an open and accessible world that encourages creativity and entrepreneurship. It values fairness, transparency, and the ability to genuinely influence the development of the world.

  • Goals: Our ultimate aim is to make EvoVerse the largest anime metaverse in the Web3 space. A place where fans can not only immerse themselves in their favorite anime worlds but also actively shape and expand them.

EvoVerse is not just an expansion of the Devomon universe; it's an ambitious project aimed at redefining how we experience and interact with virtual worlds. It invites everyone to be part of this journey and explore the endless possibilities it offers.

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